Thursday Talent: Pat Perry

30 Jun

Timelapse Painting Two from Pat Perry on Vimeo.

Pat Perry’s style is very diverse, his paintings and illustrations are quite different, but the underlying feeling of surreality and something slightly twisted and not quite right is present in both. It’s this slightly macabre edge i’m such a fan of, also of his incredibly technical ability. The time-lapse video here BLOWS MY MIND, such talent, I love the insight into how he paints, firing the paint onto the work! It’s hard to believe he doesn’t use more digital methods in his process, I guess he just gets it right first time round! Check out more on his vimeo.

I’m always amazed by artists sketchpads as well! The last image here is an excerpt from his sketch pad, it’s so good! More can be found on Perry’s blog.

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