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28 Mar

There are many great icon collections available free for commercial use, but not all of them have baskets, carts, etc that are useful when you’re creating an E-Commerce site. Fortunately, we have rounded up a few as a helpful resource and we’ll keep this post up to date with new ones as we find them in case you want to bookmark this page for future reference. If you have any suggestions of more resources, please leave them in the comments.

The sets included here all have licences which state “free for personal / commercial use” without attribution or are open source (GPL or similar), last we checked. If you find that’s not the case with any of these resources, please let us know and we’ll update.

60 Shopping and E-Commerce Photoshop Shapes

Great collection of Photoshop Shapes, easy to customise and use.

60 Shopping and E-Commerce Photoshop Shapes


Glossy E-Commerce Set

A nice and glossy (!) collection of e-commerce icons from HongKiat.com

Glossy E-Commerce Icons


Payment Icon Set

In 3 different sizes, probably the only payment icons you’ll need!

Payment Icon Set


Icon Sweets 2

This collection has a handy e-commerce section

Icon Sweets 2


Credit Card Icon Pack

All your credit card icon needs in one handy place!

Credit Card Icon Pack


30 E-Commerce Icons

A nice collection of various e-commerce icons

30 E-Commerce Icons


Addictive Flavour (extended) Icon Set from Smashing Magazine

This contains some credit card & cash icons as well as some “splash” badge graphics which can be handy for “new” / “sale” icons in online stores

Flavour Extended Icon Set


Primo Icon set

This is one of my all-time favourite icon sets as the icons are a great style which works in so many designs and they supply the Illustrator source files so you can customise them yourself. There are over 200 icons in the set but there’s a good number of useful e-commerce icons included.

Primo Icon Set



200 Free icons from Web Designer Depot in a range of colours.
You have to jump through some hoops for this one (getting a code from the RSS feed of the site) but it’s worth it for a great set of clean icons.

Sienna Icon Set


Glossy eCommerce Icon Pack (a different one!)

Glossy eCommerce Pack


Weby Icons

This set includes some credit card icons and some usual cart icons from a different perspective and style.

Weby Icons



Another unusual style, the Milky icon set contains some shopping cart icons as well as other useful ones such as a truck which could serve as a ‘delivery’ icon.

Milky Icon Set


Woo Themes Ultimate Icon Set

A nice collection of icons which includes some suitable for e-commerce

WooThemes Ultimate Icons


Woo Function Icons

Some basket icons included in this

Woo Function Icons

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  1. Maria March 28, 2011 at 1:10 pm #

    Very handy! I always love free icons