Weekly Round-up Jan 28th

28 Jan

Little Big Details

A good part of design is about small details, especially when we’re talking about user interface elements. They can make or break a design, or be the difference between a good design and a great design. Little Big Details devoted to showcasing the small UI details that designers take great care over.

The Scaling Falacy and Web Design

I love the word “falacy”, it’s a great word! The article summarises itself well in its opening: “Put simply, the scaling fallacy is the phenomena where people wrongly assume that something that works at one size will also work at another size.” This is a very interesting article, looking at scaling in relation to Web Design and it’s particularly relevant in the present context when designing for mobile devices is prevalent.

Using CSS clip as an Accessible Method of hiding content

Before the advent of @font-face support, if you didn’t want to use a Flash/Javascript based text replacement method image replacement was the normal. I use it a lot in my designs so I can include unusual fonts in the design and I’ll probably continue to use it even with the availability of @font-face for fonts that aren’t available as web fonts. There are a few methods of font replacement already in play (my preference is for text-indent) and this offering gives yet another alternative using the CSS clip method.


Well… it is in the web design news this week! The Apple website had a bit of a subtle makeover and they are making some nice use of CSS3 animations in their navigation. There’s probably a few more interesting features that will be discovered in the next few days.

Beautiful Type

I totally fell in love with this site! It’s subtly beautiful, delightfully crafted site and it chronicles examples of beautiful type in use. Swoon! Check it out, you’ll see exactly what I mean. It’s perfect for little snippets of typographically inspiration, or just general inspiration! And did I mention it’s done in HTML5/CSS3? That’s what we like around here!

Bitka works as Web Design Manager at Dragnet Systems & has a number of her own projects on the go. As a web designer, her specialties include HTML, CSS & Photoshop with healthy helpings of Javascript (jQuery for preference), WordPress and PHP. She was raised on Mac OS and when she's not web designing you'll find her designing jewellery over at Jou Jou Jewels. Follow @bitka on Twitter.

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  1. Maria Murray January 28, 2011 at 11:23 am #

    I love that typography site as well! Such lovely stuff